Cars nowadays are not a luxury; they are more like a convenience item we all have. Though people across America buy cars so frequently, most of them don’t know much about auto insurance. There are a lot of factors to you should consider when purchasing an auto insurance. Here are six great ways to save money on your car insurance.


The first piece of advice in any situation is to research. Compare prices from various insurance carriers. The more you compare, the more chances you have to find a cheap and affordable insurance carrier. You can also consult friends and relatives for recommendations, or find an insurance agent who can help you make the right choices. Note that some insurance carriers sell policies through internal agents, while some others hire private agents. Some carriers might not even deal with agents. Contact the insurance department of your state and learn the conditions. Ask around, be patient, and you can land the best auto insurance for your car.

Evaluate your car

If you drive an old car valued at less than ten times of the premium you’re about to pay, consider skipping collision and comprehensive coverages. Contact an auto dealer to review your vehicle and calculate its value. Also, during every renewal, review your coverage to make sure nothing’s changed.

Get the group advantage

Sometimes, some auto insurance carriers offer discounts to group plans.You can avail this discount if you’re purchasing through your employers, business, alumni groups, or other similar groups. If you have a membership that you were too polite to refuse, now’s the chance to use it.

Combine for benefits

There is always some offer when you purchase combo deals. For instance, most insurance carriers offer discounts when you buy a homeowners policy along with your auto coverage. A homeowners policy covers both your car and valuables inside during an accident. Also, depending on the state and insurance company, you might be able to get further discounts for registering your family members in the same plan.

Maintain a good credit score

It goes without saying, but having a good credit score and driving history gives you loads of benefits. Insurance companies consider your credit score and your history when evaluating premium rates. And there’s a good chance your impressive record will make auto insurers give you a discount.


It’s simple. If you want to know how to cut costs, you just have to ask. You might never know what could get you a discount. For instance, having anti-theft devices, airbags, anti-lock brakes, safety-related bells, and whistles — all will get you decent auto insurance discounts in the US. If you have a good score in a driving course, that might qualify too. Low mileage, having multiple cars, being a student away from home, being accident-free for over three years are all discount criteria. Remember, though, discounts and offers vary from one insurance company to another and from a state to another state.

Auto insurance is a complicated area to understand. But with the right knowledge source, and help you can purchase a suitable auto insurance and save money at the same time.

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