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If you truly want to combat tooth decay and the many problems that go along with it, it is important to understand what truly causes it.

Almost exclusively, tooth decay is caused by food acid. This may come directly from the food we eat or as a product of the bacteria in your mouth. It may surprise you, but the human mouth is full of bacteria. Estimates place the number of individual microbes in the tens of billions. Whenever you eat or drink, these bacteria release acids that break down your teeth. These acids eat at the enamel, making it soft and soluble. Simultaneously, these bacteria multiply in number, forming biofilms all over the oral cavity.

Plaque is one such bio-film than eats at teeth, but these layers of bacteria can damage other areas of your mouth as well. You may recognize it as the white residue that sometimes forms on your tongue or the ‘wooly coat’ you sometimes feel on your teeth.

Tooth decay is a great indicator of other dental problems. There are 3 major areas that affect your dental health. First, your diet is extremely important. Second, your dental hygiene is equally important. And last but not least, certain lifestyle choices can have a negative impact dental health.

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If you are serious about protecting your teeth, be sure to remember all three factors that help determine dental health. Always be mindful of what you eat. Always maintain solid dental hygiene. And be wary of lifestyle choices that can have a negative impact on your oral health. If you take proper care of your teeth, they should last you a lifetime.

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