How To Know When It’s Time To Get Your Microwave Checked

The microwave has made our cooking so simple that it’s almost impossible to manage without it. That’s why you have to be on the lookout for any warning signs.

Here are four ways to know that it’s time to get your microwave checked.

You see sparks inside your microwave.

If you find that your microwave is emitting sparks while cooking, then it might be time for you to get your appliance checked by a professional. Any food that has splashed in the internal cavity may continue to cook, causing sparks.

“Problems with the stirrer or the high voltage diode may also cause sparks in your microwave.”

Your microwave turns on by itself.

If your microwave turns on or off by itself, there may be a problem with the control board of your microwave. Check if the touchpad works fine.

If the touchpad is not faulty, then you may have to consult with a maintenance service person and replace the control board.

Your microwave makes loud noises.

  • Your microwave has a magnetron that generates the required energy frequency to cook your food.
  • When working fine, the magnetron emits a low humming noise.
  • However, if the magnetron is damaged or burned out, your microwave might emit loud and unusual noises.
  • Your appliance becomes noisy even if there’s a problem with the exhaust fan motor or stirrer motor.
  • If you hear strange noises from your microwave, get it checked right away.

Your microwave cooks unevenly.

If the voltage is less than 115V or the exhaust fan motor is defective, call a professional to help set up your microwave in a different power outlet and replace faulty parts.

“If your microwave cooks unevenly, there could be a problem with the voltage, the power outlet, or the exhaust fan.”


  • What kind of problems have you had with your microwave ?
  • How did you handle the situation ?

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