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About 21st Century Auto Insurance

21st Century Car Insurance is available in all 50 states. However, it can only be obtained online in other states. Entering the zip code for a location that the insurance will be needed which will provide the appropriate information. Although identification theft recovery service is shown as an advantage outlined for no cost, it is unavailable in the New York state. For customers in some state who want this as part of their insurance package, they will need to look somewhere else. The company was once a part of AIG and currently, they are owned by Farmers Insurance Group of Companies.

The major benefits of the 21st Century auto policies are 24-hour emergency roadside assistance, and emergency travel and medical assistance. The prices are similar to other discounted auto insurance policies. 21st Century website makes it easy to get quotes based on zip code. It also creates recommendations for coverage so that those searching for quotes can perform accurate comparisons when looking for rates and benefits. Some websites that provide ratings, like JD Powers, present that pricing the premium and paying are the most rated factor. Areas such as policy offerings, overall satisfaction, customer service and claims processing do not meet the standards for many customers.

Each consumer’s needs are unique. Some will need higher service levels than others. It is important to study the fine print in the quote before choosing a company. Compare the details point by point rather than focusing on the rate is recommended. Many customers have found that their policy does not cover areas they assumed it would and the lack of informative customer services in the event of a claim has been rated as poor. Communicating with a 21st Century insurance agent through telephone will deliver the best indication of whether 21st Century insurance is the right choice for car insurance.

21st Century Auto Insurance Coverage

In 21st coverage, every single state determines the minimum amount of coverage allowed; however, this might not be enough to fully protect the family from financial problems. If you ever want to spend less on monthly payments of premium, 21st Century Insurance will make it possible for you to select the highest deductible you can manage.

When you have a credit rating of 650 or above you may qualify for a lower rate. You can also save money by driving a car that is cheaper to insure. Young adults with a high-grade point are offered lower rates at 21st Century Auto Insurance.


21st Century Auto Insurance protects the family from having to repair or replace a vehicle out-of-pocket. Other drivers are also protected in case of an accident. If there is a car loan, the banker will insist the car is covered by an insurance policy to protect their interest in the vehicle. The drivers who have 21st Century Car Insurance can add their young adults to their policy and the young adults are given policies in their own names. This restricts the risk of parents having their auto insurance terminated if their young adults cause an accident.


21st Century’s customer and claim service are just adequate or below average when compared to the top insurance companies. 21st Century believes in providing face-to-face contact using local agents. But this features comes at a disadvantage of not having 24/7 access to your agent. There are many comments about the company’s slow response to a claim from many of the customers that use 21st Century as their carrier for 3 to 10 years.

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Auto Insurance Claims

21st Century Auto Insurance is a good company for settling claims. There are customers who are pleased with the amount of money they received to have their cars repaired but they have complaints that the company takes too long to settle a claim. Other satisfied customers feel that 21st Century Insurance was more than fair at paying for their totaled cars. They encountered a fair payment for their cars that were totaled in an accident.

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