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About AAA Auto Insurance

AAA, earlier known as the American Automobile Association, is a federation of motor clubs throughout North America.

AAA is a not-for-profit member service company; with 54 million members in the United States and Canada.

AAA is not entirely an auto insurance company. AAA mainly serves as a member club recognized for providing services like budget traveling ideas and roadside assistance and rates for the associates. However, they provide car insurance coverage to customers at cheaper prices.

AAA might not be famous as a big car insurance provider, but they have developed a popularity of looking after the roadside journey. This determination is the reason why the company is among the best automobile insurance choices in the market.

AAA Auto Insurance Features

AAA is more than just roadside assistance. Members can now enjoy reasonably competitive car insurance. AAA insurance is on the level with the top auto insurance providers because it gives the same policies and discounts you will obtain from most of the leading auto insurance providers. AAA also offers above-average customer and claim service.

AAA’s customer support group is among the top considered out of the top auto insurance plans.

The insurance company also executes effectively in the claim providing section. Automobile insurance is the purchase made and expects to never have to use. However, in case you have to arrange a claim, you will need a company which will provide you much money at a fast rate.

AAA Discounts

AAA provides most discounts and policies you assume to have from the leading auto insurance providers; you wouldn’t lose insurance coverage since AAA is a users only group. Some people complain about being required to pay for dues mainly because services such as roadside support are inbuilt. Other services provide you the options of adding in road service for an extra cost, but since it is a component of AAA member, you might have to be charged, no matter if you need it or not.


AAA has built a reputation of consistency with their membership club and reliability with their cost-effective auto insurance plans.


You have to pay member dues and roadside assistance insurance; it is not optional like many other auto insurance providers.

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Getting A Quotation

AAA is among the most cost-effective auto insurance providers. However, quote outcomes will be different from one person to another. When looking for affordable online automobile quotes, make sure you shop all around. A special wrinkle to the company’s policy rates is the fact that you might need to be a participant of the company and pay member dues to obtain AAA automobile insurance. The dues will also be considered in the insurance cost.

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