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About Good2Go Auto Insurance

Good2Go has been in existence for some years. They provide cheap car insurance by helping car drivers to get the insurance they need. Good2Go specializes in lower coverage car insurance, and they also offer collision and comprehensive coverage which is what you may be looking for. Good2Go doesn’t ask for your whole life history before you get their insurance, they only need little information to get you the standard coverage you want.

They have an understanding of how important it is, so they provide minimum coverage for high-risk drivers.

Good2Go has specialized in providing drivers with cheap high-risk auto insurance for over 25 years.

What makes Good2Go insurance different from other auto insurance provider is their potential to get you behind the wheel for less up front. Good2Go provide low down payments and easy monthly payment plans because they believe auto insurance should never be difficult.

Good2Go Offer Different Types Of Auto Insurance Coverage Such As:

Good2Go is making an effort to bring minimum coverage car insurance to every state all over the U.S. Auto insurance requirements differ by state, and almost every state in the united states requires drivers to have liability coverage, therefore, it is important to ensure the policy you are purchasing meets those standards.

Good2Go offer different types of Auto Insurance Coverage such as:

  • Liability Only Car Insurance
  • Minimum Coverage Auto Insurance
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Collision Coverage
  • Full Coverage Car Insurance
  • Minimum coverage car insurance usually comes with liability limits that cover bodily injury for an individual in an accident, bodily injury for individuals injured in one accident and property damage for one accident

Good2Go might require you to purchase insurance such as uninsured motorist coverage and personal injury protection because it’s demanded by some states. Depending on your vehicle, you may also consider purchasing collision and comprehensive car insurance coverage from Good2Go. This type of coverage protects your car from damages, theft, and unexpected events such as natural disasters.

Good2Go Pricing Information

If you are a high-risk driver, it is highly likely that you will find it difficult to find an auto insurance cover. Also, the few kinds of auto insurance coverage offered to high-risk drivers have higher rates of car insurance.

For exactly such high-risk drivers, Good2Go has specialized in providing cheap high-risk auto insurance for over 25 years.

The most popular group for high-risk drivers is those who have been charged with a DWI/DUI. Because these drivers are more likely to cause an accident, so Good2Go require them to pay higher premiums. Just be sure to visit Good2Go’s website to learn more about your state’s car insurance laws including DUI/DWI laws.

Additionally, drivers who have been convicted of DUIs/DWIs, that is; if your driver’s license has been suspended, Good2Go will require you to fill out an SR-22 policy in order to get your driving rights reinstated. An SR-22 form proves that you have valid auto insurance for your vehicle. High-risk drivers are required by Good2Go to carry one of these policies, especially those who have been convicted of a DUI/DWI.


*Good2Go has specialized in minimum coverage auto insurance.

*They enable consumers to get insured with a little payment.

*Good2Go offers insurance in seventeen states in the United States.

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Good2Go Car Insurance Discounts

Good2Go specialize in minimum coverage auto insurance to get you driving legal for less. Additionally, Good2Go know how important it is for you to have your car and also how important it is for you to save money, so with Good2Go’s car insurance discounts, you can save up to 40% on auto insurance premium simply by qualifying for any of the discounts below:

Driver Discounts

If you are a safe driver or Good student, you could be eligible for one of Good2Go’s driver discounts. These driver discounts are created by Good2Go to save the drivers more money on auto insurance premiums so you can drive legal for less. It includes Driver’s Education Discounts, Defensive Driving Course Discounts, Good Student Discounts and Non-Owner Discounts.

Policy Discounts

Saving money on your car insurance has never been this easy. With a car insurance policy from Good2Go, the savings are endless with the policy discounts. Whether you own multiple cars, want to renew your policy or you want to pay your policy in full, with Good2Go auto insurance you could save up to 40% off your car insurance premium. This type of discount includes Paid in Full Discounts, Multi-Car Discounts, Prior Insurance Discounts, and Renewal Discounts.

Vehicle Discounts

By driving safe, protecting your passengers, and preventing car theft, you could save a bundle on your car insurance with Good2Go. This type of discount includes Airbag and Passive Restraint Discounts, Cell Phone Safety Discounts, Anti-Theft System and VIN Etching Discounts and so on.

Getting A Quotation

It is simple to get in touch with Good2Go concerning a quote by phoning their customer support desk, via their brokers or via their website. Contact a Good2Go auto insurance representative by phone, email, or mail if you need help with the quote process or managing your policy.

To know more about Good2Go Auto Insurance, you can visit: Good2Go

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