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About Infinity Auto Insurance

Infinity auto insurance company began in 1955 as the Dixie Insurance Company. Infinity Insurance has improved greatly since then, and at the moment has 1900 staff members and also has clients in 43 US States.

Infinity provides lower cost insurance to a wide range of vehicle owners. More aged and also younger motorists benefit from some large rate reductions. The company has three different policy categories which allow drivers with clean driving history and individuals with previous offenses to get cheaper insurance ratesInfinity insurance is economically stable and has an A rating from the insurance rating company, A.M. Best.

This gives customers assurance, just because they know they are covered by a business with a great reputation. In term of claim services, Infinity is different in the benefits and the services. Lots of car owners have appreciated the service quality of infinity insurance company and have lots of respect for the company. There are lots of analysts at infinity who properly analyze the market and figure out potential investment solutions to invest the customers’ money. Infinity insurance provides infinite hope when there is an anxious need and they help to recover from the shock and disorder following a disaster.

Infinity Car Insurance Products & Services

Infinity Insurance offers nonstandard auto insurance policies. So, customers who are having problems in getting a company that will provide them with personalized coverage can get quotes from Infinity. Few of the type of coverage that Infinity insurance company offers includes; commercial vehicle coverage, standard personal car insurance, exotic auto insurance, and classic car coverage. For added costs, Insurer may also get comprehensive coverage that involves optional medical insurance.

Infinity Insurance Special Discounts

Infinity insurance provides customers a wide selection of options to help reduce expenses on their premiums. If you cover more than one vehicle, you can reduce your coverage amount up to 27%.

A careful car owner gets compensated by Infinity. When you show some evidence, you could possibly save up to 25% for your own insurance premium. As a car owner, if you renew your insurance coverage with Infinity, they will give an extra reduction of 8%. Young and also more mature drivers can benefit through discount rates from Infinity insurance. Students can save up to 10% on their insurance premium, simply by having good grades.

Matured drivers that have finished a mature driving course also obtain special discounts. Quite a few customers choose to pay their insurance premium up front. If you choose to do this, it is likely to get a discount on your insurance premium by making a full payment.

Infinity Customer Satisfaction

During an investigation of insurance companies, it was found that Infinity Insurance has been one of the most easy-to-reach and friendly car insurance companies to get in touch with. They recently opened a big 325 seat call center in Texas, which serves English and Spanish speaking consumers with customer service and claims.


*Infinity is affiliated with over 12,500 online insurance providers operating all over the country.

*One thing that makes Infinity Insurance appealing is its willingness to provide coverage to special cars, high-risk drivers, along with special cases. The company cornered an area of interest for people who drive a truck, sports cars, and other high-end vehicles on a regular basis.

*Another benefit that Infinity has more than other insurance companies is its strong online reputation.

So, Infinity services have become more available to individuals living in rural areas. Infinity insurance company is also one of the companies that have achieved stable ratings from the rating agencies.

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Below Are Types of Insurance offered by Infinity.

Value Added Coverage

This type of insurance coverage is formulated for people that would like insurance, but do not have clean driving record. No matter any sort of violations you might have got on your own driving record, Value Added plans don’t stop you from getting some of the benefits provided in the Infinity Premier services, and it is really possible to get reasonable cost insurance coverage.

Infinity Premier Insurance Coverage

This type of insurance coverage is great for vehicle owners with transgressions on their own driving history but would desire to receive more cost-effective car insurance. The low-cost selection is the most basic coverage available and is ideal for vehicle owners that would like to drive legally, for a lower price.

Low-Cost Protection

This type of coverage is for people with a clean driving history and would prefer greater restrictions and extra coverage. Collision and comprehensive coverage cost less if you are an Infinity Premier consumer.

Getting a Quotation

It is easy to get in contact with Infinity insurance regarding a quote by phoning their customer service desk, through their website or through their brokers. This type of information is available on the Infinity website, and they also provide 24/7 customer service.

To know more about Infinity Auto Insurance, you can visit: Infinity

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