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About Mercury Auto Insurance

Mercury Insurance Company was established in 1961. Mercury Car Insurance Company provides some of the lowest rates accessible for individual, family, and businesses.

Since 1962, the company has been operating along a 3-dimensional plan. This 3-dimensional plan is symbolized by 3S or 3 capital letters – SSS. These text letters are a symbol of Service, Security, and Savings. The company is continuing to grow from strength to strength, with a focus on the future. Mercury has extended its shareholder value for the long term with investments calculated at over $4 billion.

Mercury was among the first companies to implement a multi-risk aspect pricing when providing quotes to its clients.

Since then, California citizens have been enjoying the advantages of having Mercury Auto Insurance coverage. Although the company is expanding and is now servicing several other states including New York, Nevada, Texas, and Oklahoma, there are still various states that are insured by this insurance company. The fact is Mercury Insurance Group is regarded as one of the Top 3 Largest Personal Auto Insurance Companies in the state.

Mercury Car Insurance – Product Features

The Mercury auto insurance has lots of benefits. Not only that the services are cheap and affordable, but they’re of top quality and designed for each kind of client. There are programs for corporations, partnerships, and individuals.

As a way to retain and attract customers, the insurance company knows that just offering standard auto insurance coverage is not enough. Because of this, Mercury tries its best to give customers greater value for their money, added benefits, and sterling customer service.

Great customer service, financial strength, and trustworthiness are the attributes that Mercury Insurance Group is driven to excel in.

Mercury provides 24-hour claims services and has a pre-approved collection of repair shops to make sure that insurer is receiving the highest level of customer service. The company also provides the convenience of paying your insurance premiums online.

Mercury also provides commercial automobile insurance for individuals and companies that make sure of their vehicles for business. Their commercial auto plan is reasonably priced to ensure that their customers remain recipients of the best possible rates.

Mercury Coverage

The main parts of coverage provided by Mercury Auto Insurance for their customer in case of an emergency are medical costs, legal responsibility and the duty of taking good care of the automobile. There are generally seven to eight kinds of coverage that are offered by the company in the section of car insurance. These are:

  • Medical coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Property damage coverage
  • Personal injury coverage
  • Insured or uninsured coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Separate coverage

The Mercury insurance coverage can save the driver and the other passengers if the driver has auto insurance from the company.

Mercury Car Insurance provides umbrella coverage to protect insurers in the event an occasion arises where your auto insurance does not cover or excludes you from filing a claim. If you’re Mercury client, you can obtain umbrella coverage that offers extra insurance coverage which ranges from 1 million to 5 million dollars.

The Mechanical breakdown coverage is a different service provided by Mercury Car Insurance. The coverage is obtainable by new and used cars and will enable repairs at any licensed repair shop. Breakdown coverage protects trip interruption, towing services, rental car expenses, and even tires protection.


Quotes are cost-effective than most other low-end car insurance providers.

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Getting A Quotation

Mercury auto insurance quotes are readily available online, so it is essential for clients to check if their state is one of the places where the company has a business existence.

Mercury Auto Insurance Claims

Mercury insurance offers customers the extensive information they need for knowing the details of the car insurance coverage features in time of an emergency or accident situation.

In case of a serious damage to cars, mercury insurance plan provide direct repair shops which repair cars.

Mercury auto insurance includes packages for teenagers, children, young adults, middle-aged persons and older retired individuals. The plan provides room for all types of car drivers, expert or just starting. Drivers who do not own vehicles can get a non-owners driver’s insurance. Types of insurance offers include commercial auto insurance, mechanical breakdown insurance, and personal auto insurance.

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