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Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company & Affiliated Companies is a group of large U.S. insurance and financial services companies based in Columbus, OH. The company also performs regional headquarters in Des Moines, IA; Lynchburg, VA; San Antonio, TX; Gainesville, FL; Raleigh, NC; and Westerville, OH.

Nationwide is one of the longest-running auto insurance providers in the United States. It has been in existence for more than 80 years.

Nationwide Financial Services (NFS), a component of the group, was partially floated on the New York Stock Exchange before being repurchased by Nationwide Mutual in 2009. It had owned and operated the majority of NFS common stock since it had gone public in 1997. The company slogan is Nationwide is on your side

Nationwide Coverage and Discounts


Like most auto insurance providers, Nationwide provides their clients a wide range of asset and individual coverage choices to choose from while getting an auto insurance.

While in time of bodily injuries protection, the company provides liability insurance coverage that can cover body injuries along with other parties whenever clients are included in an accident which they are responsible for. Medical costs coverage covers customer’s medical costs in case of an accident irrespective of who is faulty, and damages coverage helps in paying wages in case you miss work because of your accidental injuries.

In term of asset injury, Nationwide’s collision and comprehensive coverage will probably take good care of injury to customer’s car no matter if it is included in an incident with a different car.

Also in bodily injury and property insurance coverage, The also provides reimbursement which can help customers to get a rental car or another option of transportation when their car is being repaired; and towing and labor which reimburses them for quick roadside assistance needs like tire changes, battery jumps, and locksmiths.


There are lots of ways to save on your auto insurance coverage with Nationwide. You can save when you insure more than one car, when you stay accident-free, and when you cover both your car and home.

The company provides a wide range of discounts to give customers savings in a variety of situations. In case you cover all cars in your house you possibly can spend less, up to 20% on your insurance premiums.

Another way to get a lower price on auto insurance plans is to keep an accident free driving history. If a customer never had an automobile accident in the last 5 years then he/she will be eligible for the discount. Young people with “B” over or average can get additional premium discount rates on their cars.

Long-term customers (5 years or higher) are compensated by getting up to 15 percent off their automobile insurance plans. If you ever have been with Nationwide for 3 years or older, then you may get discounts as much as 5 percent. Also, a member in certain companies and automobile improvements like airbags and anti-theft may also make you qualified to get discounts. Nationwide compensate its clients with special discounts on auto insurance plans for involvement in automobile accident prevention or protective driving programs.

Nationwide Insurance also provides a wide range of coverage for motorcycle, boat, ATV’s and home. The company Insurance’s impressive products and client satisfaction give support to their motto “Nationwide is on your side”.

Nationwide could be the perfect auto insurance provider to select for your insurance coverage requirements. However, ensure you search and review quotes from several insurance providers before deciding to obtain a policy.

Nationwide Features and Service


The recommended three beneficial reasons why you should choose Nationwide auto insurance


Some nationwide customers who filed an auto insurance claim recommended the company friends and family member for it claim service. Because they give customers a better claims experience.


*Nationwide has durability on its side. It has built a reputation for itself and will never go bankrupt.


*Premiums are higher when compared to other insurance providers.

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Getting A Quotation

It is simple to get in contact with Nationwide. You can easily get a quote by contacting their customer support desk, via their website or via their brokers. This kind of information is available on the Nationwide website, and they also have 24/7 customer service.

To know more about Nationwide Auto Insurance, you can visit: Nationwide

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