Guaranteed Life Insurance Plans Help Provide for Costly Final Expenses

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If you’re over 40 and need money to cover your final expenses and funeral costs – final expense life insurance is a perfect fit.

Shield yourself from the hard times:

The hardest thing one has to ever go through is the demise of a friend or a family member. Over this, survivingfriends and family are frequently left to deal with many end­of­life restorative and memorial service costs. These costs can add to the existing feeling of pain and stress of the loved ones.Final expense insurance is designed to lift off this additional burden. A last cost approach – likewise called burial protection, or burial service protection– gives your friends and family an aggregate of cash upon your demisethat can be utilized to cover any costs you leave behind – expenses of doctor’s visit or memorial service costs.

Why Final expense insurance?

Things like casket, flowers, memorial, cards, death certificate and transportation costs money. In case where one doesn’t have a Final expense insurance, the families may experience serious difficulties fulfilling these costs in a short time. With an insurance, they would be safe from withdrawing from their investment funds or sell valuable assets. It works like any other insurance plan, except, the payout is made at the time of death, and meant for just one purpose.

What does it have to offer?

  • Hassle­free application. Complete it online within minutes.
  • Easy acceptance. Now whether you are 50 or 80 years old, get accepted irrespective of your past medical records.
  • Flexible coverage plan. Choose between a $5000­$25000 plan according to your needs.

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