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Refinance mortgage is replacing existing mortgage with another mortgage, under different terms and conditions (which vary with the state, region, credit history, risk, banking/federal regulations etc.).
Refinancing can be either to replace the existing mortgage with improved/better interest rates/terms or to reduce PMI or consolidate several debts into one loan or to free up cash or to reduce the risk involved.

Standard refinancing mortgage and cash-out refinancing mortgage are the major types of refinance mortgage. Standard refinancing mortgage is used to change the existing mortgage balance whereas a cash-out refinancing is typically used to free up cash to pay/settle other debts. Cash-out refinancing usually has a higher rate of interest than standard refinancing.

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Refinance Mortgage

Refinance Mortgage might not the best choice if the borrower is not planning to stay at his or her house for a long term.

Note: Although refinancing allows the borrower to reduce PMI or free up cash or pay off existing debts, they come at a cost. Refinancing closing costs include underwriting costs, fees, and document costs. The closing costs can also be paid upfront or financed into the new mortgage which would increase the monthly payments.
The current appraised value of the property might be lower which would limit the borrower’s loan amount to the current appraised value.

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